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This week our students prepared a podcast showing one of the most popular sports at our school, which is floorball. Enjoy the show!!  


Interview with Damian Dziewiński

In our school there are some people except Łukasz Łagożny. Damian Dziewiński is a PE teacher and a runner. Sport is extremely important for him as it is not only a passion ,but also a source of additional income. Hello

D.D. Hello

NM What is your biggest achievement ?

DD I took part in many street racings. The biggest achievement is the 6th place in Polish Championship in alpine races in 2008. At that time I specialized in alpine races.

NM Which race was the hardest?

DD An alpinist races are the hardest cause there are many runs uphill. .

NM What does your training look like ?

DD Now I’m specialize to a distance of 10 km. The training is 7 times a week ranged from 8 to 15 km and takes me up to 1h20min. This training is to 10 - 15 km but as I was prepared for the marathon the training lasted more than2 hours during the week when I did 10 workouts and about 110 km.

NM Did you take part in marathons abroad?

DD I debuted this year in the marathon distance in Michalovce ie in Slovakia. I ran less than 3 hours expected less than 2 h 40 min, but the temperature was about 30 degrees so it was impossible.

NM Congratulations. Do you describe yourself as a professional?

DD Definitely not. I’m the plain amateur. I just like this sport. Professionals do not work all the time just running around, they have three workouts a day.

NM How long have you run?

DD I have been running for 15 years.

NM What does the running mean to you ?

DD Running is my way of life, maintaining a good figure, well-being. Running is like a drug.

NM Did your family run too?

DD My two-year old daughter has already made her debut, albeit in last place but ran with pre-schoolers in the age group up to 6 years.

NM What do you think about Olympic Games in London. This city is organized Olympics third time. Is this the right place?

DD  London is the best place for this event. City definitely will be the best prepare by organizers.

NM Do you have any favorites’ of Olympics?

DD I am cheering of my friends. I have a friend who will be the second time, appeared at the Olympics in the marathon distance - Polish record holder in the marathon. I hope he will be in the top eight as he is really good.

NM Could you finish the sentence: My sporting hero is…

DD I think that sporting hero could name the Emil Zatopek called Czech- steam engine.

NM Thank you so much for the interview and I wish you all the best.

DD Thank you.

Interview with Łukasz Łagoźny

NM: My name is Natalia Majko and I’ll talk to Łukasz Łagożny who’s an alpinist from Sanok.

Hi Łukasz

Ł.Ł.: Hello.

NM: This is a common question which probably a lot of people asked you but I want to know how your adventure with mountains started ? My adventure with the mountains was started long time ago. In my childhood I started walking in the mountains with my dad. However it began from the Bieszczady, later switched to the Tatra Mountains and over time also to other Polish and later European peaks.

NM: Could you make a list of your most important expeditions?

ŁŁ The greatest journey we can say are four tours which make up the top of the Seven Summits. The first in 2009, to Elbrus another in 2010 Aconcagua in South America so we can say the first big expedition followed in 2010 Mont Blanc last year, 2011 Denali another name McKinley in Alaska.

NM :When would you like to get the next three peaks, not three, there are perhaps nine, right?

ŁŁ Yes, despite the fact that there are 7 continents, there are 9 peaks to conquer.. And when? It is difficult to say. Maybe sometime later this year…
NM Are you already planning something?
ŁŁ Yes, there are some plans. We're at the stage of sourcing sponsors. We have some pretty good media patronage. We think that should come out, although still a long way to go.

NM: Which of your expeditions was the hardest psychologically wise and physiologically wise ?

ŁŁ: Physically, each is heavy. There are no mountains easy, easier. Every mountain can be very difficult, and the other way round, which is usually very difficult - may be easy. For every top you have to prepare properly. In terms of physical conditions so far the hardest I've ever been to is McKinley / Denali, where the temperature actually changed very often, oscillated within the limits of even minus 30 degrees. But when it comes to various types of mental conditioning you have to get used to it. There is for example this separation, I mean to go, you can say in a completely foreign area, somewhere where they have not yet been. You mix with different people. Very often with strangers. Only all the time spent alone. Alone with your thoughts. Man is bound by rope to another climber and it is not possible to talk, in fact, because the shares are 10, 15, 20 or even 30 meters of rope, and each must be focused on what, what they do…. Mental conditions are different. Besides, it is difficult to assess in terms of mental journey once you have already returned and it is already some time after this trip, because you tend to forget the hardest. Also to heal wounds on the body as well as different types of trauma which people are experiencing differently.

NM: Now we know that your dream is to reach all the Seven Summits.

ŁŁ: I would do something like that. I do not know yet how, but plans are quite ambitious. We'll see how it all works out, obviously a big obstacle is money that I need to gain. As I had mentioned, these are quite expensive expeditions. You can say that the license itself, as you enter the park you need to buy a ticket. The ticket to the Mount Everest costs $ 10,000, where it is sure expensive. This course is $ 10 thousand is only the beginning of the cost.
NM: $ 10,000 per group or per person?

ŁŁ: This is for person. So these are significant costs. Expeditions cost from 5 to eight thousand. Depends on the mountainous region and how much time you need to spend on it.

NN: And how do you cope with the crisis, when it comes to you in the mountains, almost at the top ……, and then suddenly, doubt, resignation.

ŁŁ; Clench my teeth and go on. No, it depends. I remember just being in Argentina, before the traverse a strong wind was blowing terribly. Some alpinists turned away from there, some wondered. I stood there like a big boulder, rubbing hands, it was incredibly cold, but after a while I see that two people in front, were crouching down and began to walk on all fours. Consequently me too. Somehow I managed to go through this with the wind that was blowing in the right direction you could just move on. It was hard to even open the chemical heaters, which are perforated. We can say that small 5 year old child is able to open it. But then with all my strength I tried to open them and couldn’t manage.
NM; What about the injuries you are bound to get on this type of trips?

ŁŁ; It depends on the injuries. You can be injured, you can get frostbites on your fingers and toes and eventually lose them I remember one case in Argentina where one member of our group suffered severe frostbite and consequently lost five toes.. You have to be careful. You have to make good decisions.
NM; Have to be a prudent and sober , I mean to have a sober mind.
ŁŁ; Yes. You have to know your body very well to be able later take the appropriate decision. So these trips are often quite difficult journeys. The man knows himself all the time, testing himself all the time in this regard we do not know where is the limit, and so high these boundaries become blurred. Sometimes it can come to big mistakes that can have tragic consequences. It is certainly crossing the boundaries of your own consciousness, your own capabilities. Because it is very easy to make a mistake. Everyone should few times check something that seems routine, something very simple, but even the choice of appropriate shoes, mean that you do not have to later stop on the trail, freeze unnecessarily because hands are very hard to keep warm in low temperatures. Also you have to be prepared for anything.

NM: Your first big expedition was in 2009 on Elbrus which is in west part of main mountains Kuakas. Peak height: 5642 meters above the sea level. How will you assess your skills then and today?

ŁŁ : Elbrus was my first trip to the mountains a high excess of 5000 meters. Then I could not do as much as now. I did not know as much as now. I did not know how to keep my body at a height of 4000 meters. Going higher and higher every man, every climber, exploring themselves, will know how they will behave. Generally, there are a lot of factors that must be taken into account. Steepness of an approach, if it is a north or south, east or west slope. It really is a lot of different factors to be considered, which I did not know. Of course, I read different types of books on such subjects.                                                                                                               NM: Would you recommend these kind of sport?

ŁŁ Of course. Young people should be encouraged for all types of physical activity. Climbing is a demanding sport. You have to work hard to get ready, have to do various kinds of exercise, a few times a week out in the early morning or late evening you jog to keep fit. Because this sport is so demanding that many people give up..

NM; What did you learn from your expeditions?

ŁŁ Surely humility but also self-confidence. If a man is able to give everything and a little more this is reflected sooner or later in the everyday lives at home, because men have more confidence in himself.
NM: Who usually accompanies you in your climbing?

ŁŁ: They are different people. We have a group, we even have a name. We are a TEAM Yeti. There are many people in Poland who deal with such large expeditions. Non-commercial expeditions, which we organize everything ourselves, from the beginning to the end.. Besides it gives you the added satisfaction of knowing that we can organize everything from scratch, from departure to return.
NM: You know that we are working on a project about London Olympics with the school from Hastings. Right now the students have finished writing about their sporting heroes. By the way, who is your sporting hero?

ŁŁ; It's hard to tell here of an idol, because I haven’t any. Can say that Kukuczka and Messner. Once competed very strongly with each other and I liked that. On the other hand, must take these positive aspects of the life of any other climber and choose these so-calledraisins’( it’s a Polish idiomatic expression meaning to pick up the best from the whole lot) to be able to possibly do something with your life, not to be monotone, so as not to become a couch potato.

NM; How did your family reacted to your hobby?

ŁŁ: The reactions are very different. Regarding the friends, it is usually congratulations, they are full of admiration. Regarding the family it is different. Some families do not want and would not want me to travel into the higher mountains, but got used to the fact that from time to time I'm leaving. I understand the 110% of their behavior, because I know being in the mountains what is happening. Even bearing in mind the last trip when before entering plane when we flew already on the glacier , when we lost contact, I wrote a text message that we get to the airplane. The next contact was about two weeks later. I find it difficult to put myself in that situation in which my wife once was when she waited for a message but didn’t get one for such a long time; not knowing what was happening.

NM; Has anyone in your family ever practiced this sport?

ŁŁ: Fortunately, there is no one who goes very high. Although the brothers also would like to participate in some expeditions but not so high. It is not that simple. For many people involved in writing opinions in online forums is simple, it is easy, they would have done it much better. Very often such people have no idea what it is really like in the mountains.. I am looking back to what I made I would not want my children to go on such a high mountain. Of course, the Bieszczady mountains, the Tatras as possible but high mountains are really tiresome at times. I sometimes wonder what I'm doing here, instead of sitting in front of TV and drinking hot tea. Sometimes a man is angry with himself that he is in this place and at that time.
NM: But everything is worth it?

ŁŁ: I think so. If it was not worth it I'd just stay at home..

NM; Thank you so much for the conversation. I hope it’ll be an inspiration for the young people. I wish you all the best.

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